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A mysterious figure, The Sage, also known as The Jester, is a skilled warrior and tactictian, long thought to be two different individuals. In reality, the Sage and the Jester are one and the same, a man suffering from a split personality, each different from the other but with similar, albeit unknowable, goals. Long regarded as a rumor or legend, the Sage and the Jester have been seen all across Heathmoor, fighting for and against virtually everyone, and engaging in strange acts to further his own goals. Enigmatic, mysterious, and strange, the man behind the masks of the Sage and the Jester have grown increasingly active, preparing for an unknowable future.


Little is known about the Sage & Jester, beyond that which they feel free to describe. Nothing is known about their early life or how they came to be. mThe earlierest sightings of the Jester began near the end of Appolyon's reign, and sightings of the Sage appeared soon afterword.

During the entire course of the following War of Seven Years, more and more sightings would occur, with a mysterious cloaked knight appearing out of nowhere to rally troops and turn the tide of various skirmishes, or suddenly showing up and offering tactical adivse to knight leaders, helping them achieve victory.

When the Faction War began, the Sage and Jester began to become even more prominent, and over the years have garnered a deep reputation. The Jester has become known for his mad rampages and seemingly mindless killing sprees, while the Sage has become a figure of unknowable wisdom and knowledge, always seeming ot be one step ahead of everyone else.

The consistent thread throughout seemed that these individuals only protected Ashfeld and its people, fighting off invaders, but also attacking certain knights and knight leaders as well, leading some to wonder what their true plans were. Most believed the Sage and Jester to be either cooked up stories or two different individuals, but only when the Sage revealed to Roger Griffon that he was, in fact, the Jester as well, was the truth revealed.

Recently, in fact, the Sage and Jester have been making more appearances around the figure of Roger Griffon. For reasons unknown, the mysterious figure has chosen to help Griffon and his new Holy Legion, seeing in the Red Griffon of Edinshire a chance to finally ensure the protection of Ashfeld for good. The Sage advices and plans the campaigns and battles of Roger, while the Jester continues to attack and massacre opponent forces. Griffon himself has little control over the figure, but reluctantly has accepted his help.

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The man behind the Sage and Jester is quite unknowable, as he has a split personality, between the mind of the Sage and the Jester. How or when these personalities arose is unkown, but have helped establish the legend of the Sage and the Jester.

The Sage

Calm, collected, and reserved, the Sage is a genius in every since, prefering to use battle tactics and words to win his battles. He is always seen clad in armor and a cloak, and has an unsettlingly deep knowledge of pratically everything and everyone. He is constantly gathering and processing information and using that to factor into his plans, using knowledge as his sharpest weapon. More often than not the Sage will randomly appear to deliever threatenting or important information, as well as give cryptic advice. But he is not above fighting, skilled enough in the use of a short sword, though he prefers to use his intellect to win his battles.

The Jester

The exact opposite of the Sage, the Jester is wild and crazed, running around behind the mask of a smiling fool. His appearance brings only death, and the Jester has shown up at many battles to fight and kill seemingly random foes and opponents. He follows his own logic, doing things most would find insane, but there is a strange logic to the Jester's actions, if only he understands them. The Jester is rarely conversive, but when he does speak to others his sentances follow his own thoughts, and seem to have no reason behind them as well. But only fools would dimish the Jester as an utter madmen. He serves a particular purpose with the Sage, and is in actuallity doing exactly when he believes needs to be done.

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