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Eagle of Edinshire
Sir Roger Griffon
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September 9, 1023 AC

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Sir Roger the Griffon, or simply known as Roger Griffon, also known as the Eagle of Edinshire, Red-Crossed Knight, and the Red Griffon, is a pious knight of Ashfeld who fights for the various knight legions. Roger was originally born as a simple farmer's boy, before his family was slaughtered by Viking raiders and he was raised as the squire of a noble Warden. Eventually surpassing his master, Roger took on the position himself and eventually became a well-regarded and noble knight of Ashfeld. When Apollyon and the Blackstone Legion rose to power, Roger begrudgingly decided to fight with them against the Vikings, but was one of the first to join the Lord Warden's rebellion against her.

In the years after Apollyon's fall, from the long seven years conflict, to the battle between Vikings, samurai, and knights, and even the currant war between Horkos and Chimera, Roger Griffon has maintained his status as a noble and pious warrior, skilled in combat, and warfare.


Early Life[]

The young boy who would grow up to become Roger Griffon was originally born to a nameless family in a nameless village across the coast of Ashfeld, in the Ice Coast region near the border of Valkenheim. Little is known about his youth, only that when he was very young Viking raiders descended upon his village, burning it to the ground, killing the inhabitant, and taking off with whatever they could carry. A wandering Warden passed through not long after, and discovered the starving and alone child. Taking pity on it, the Warden, Geoffrey, took the child in.

Training Under a Warden[]

The child, thereafter named Robin due to his high-spirited nature and fluttering figure, served alongside Geoffrey for years, acting as his page. Geoffrey was one of the few remaining Wardens left in Ashfeld, and was a stern and quiet teacher, not prone to emotional outbursts or expressions. Young Robin spent his days as a simple page and servant to Geoffrey, cleaning his sword, polishing his armor, and so on. Geoffrey also began to train the young boy, teaching him the art of swordplay and craftsmanship, as well as installing the very core virtues of the Order of Wardens into the young child, molding him into a grand and mighty figure.

The two would travel for many years, and as Geoffrey grew older and weaker, Robin grew stronger and wiser, becoming the squire and assistant to his master. When Robin was twenty-one years old Geoffrey undertook a sacred ritual and knighted Robin as a new fledgling member of the Wardens, and Robin took on the name of Roger, and swearing to carry on his master's legacy and swore to uphold the oaths of a Warden. Two years later Geoffrey would die during a Viking raid, and at long last Roger became a true Warden.

The Rise of Apollyon[]

The young Roger would soon find himself caught up in a changing political atmosphere in Ashfeld. Ashfeld had long been divided into various feudal territories ruled by petty kings, dukes, lords, and knights of all kinds nominally united under various Legions, fighting each other and occasionally united against the opponents of Ashfeld. The Blackstone Legion, under its aggressive leader Apollyon, had begun to forcibly unify the knights of Ashfeld, notably taking down the formerly weak Iron Legion. Young Roger was wary of the extreme measures the Legion appeared to go to, but they successfully brought the knights together against the clans of Valkenheim, and Roger himself saw it as his duty to protect the people of Ashfeld by going out to oppose the threat of the barbaric Viking peoples.

He eventually returned back to Ashfeld, dissatisfied with his work there, especially after learning of Apollyon's plan to allow the Vikings to rebuild, and her work against the samurai. When Roger learned of the rebellion formed by the Lord Warden he was one of the first to join them, after seeing the cruel nature of the Blackstone Legion. When Apollyon fell, the forces of the samurai's Dawn Empire and the united Viking clans attacked Ashfeld, and Roger found himself caught up in the conflict that lasted for seven years.

Rise of the Red Griffon[]

During this period he gained a reputation for his fierce skills in battle and his pious nature, constantly praying and meditating, as well as encouraging his fellow soldiers. When the Lord Warden still commanded the forces of the knights Roger was given several low-ranking commanding positions, frequently serving alongside the Viking coastline against raids. In fact, the Lord Warden himself referred to Roger "as sharp as an eagle, but with the heart of a lion, and the wings of a falcon. In all manners, he is the noble griffon, who descends with fury upon our foes." Thus he became known as Roger the Griffon, his signature. During this period he also displayed a great aptitude for battle tactics and was able to encourage and rouse soldiers under his command, giving them hope and earning their deep respect.

It was near the end of this conflict that Roger would meet his future wife, Isabella Winenyer, a noblewoman of said house. Her family ruled over the land of Blackrake from the city of Edinshire, and Roger became embroiled in the internal conflict. An opposing house attempted to assassinate Lord Ian Winenyer, Isabella's father, but thanks to the efforts Roger that was prevented, and the loyal house was able to reassert control over their territory, aiding the Lord Warden. Isabella and Roger grew close as well, and he began to serve under Lord Ian. Ian Winenyer himself took a liking to Roger, who served as his lieutenant, and Lord Ian expressed his desire for Roger to marry Isabella (his only child) and take on the role of lord of Edinshire when he passed away. Due to his service Roger was anointed as Sir Roger the Griffon.

The Lord of Edinshire and Blackrake[]

When the Lord Warden disappeared Ashfeld nearly collapsed into disarray, as the samurai and Vikings pressed further inland. A large group of Vikings in particular managed to swiftly invade deep into Ashfeld, and suddenly attacked the city of Edinshire. The local forces were nearly overrun, and Lord Ian himself was killed during the battle. However, thanks to his tactical skills, Roger was able to reroute the attack and successfully led a counter-offensive, killing the Vikings' leader Gunnar and defending Edinshire, earning him the moniker of Eagle of Edinshire.

Lordship of the city fell to Roger, due in a large part thanks to the wishes of the former Lord Ian. In addition, the marriage between Isabella and Roger sealed the exchange, and Roger thus becoming Lord of Edinshire and Blackrake. Roger was 29 and Isabella 24.

The new lord and lady quickly set about rebuilding the land and Roger would oversee various efforts, some successful and others unsuccessful, to renovate and rebuild the city and local province, as well as engaging with the other knights of Ashfeld against the multitude of forces that opposed the peoples of Ashfeld. During this period Roger, now fully known as Roger Griffon, used his new influence to rebuild the Order of Wardens, establishing Fort Highguard as a training ground and settlement for old and new Wardens to train and recover.

The Order of Horkos and New Visions[]

Roger would serve in the frontlines with his troops, frequently serving under or alongside other knightly lords, though he was increasingly forced to remain behind the combat lines. In addition, he was also stressed with raising his young children, and the years of combat weighed heavily on his shoulders. Seeing the continued brutality and carnage unleashed by mankind, he began to grow depressed and weary, only fighting to keep the people of Ashfeld safe, but increasingly angry at the nature of mankind itself.

When the Order of Horkos made its appearance the city of Edinshire was a prime opponent to Astrea's goals, and while he was away her warmongers attacked the city, brutally butchering its defenders and taking it in the name of Horkos. Isabella and Roger's family barely managed to escape, although his sons William and Henry were both killed.

Roger was thus left abandoned, his city taken, his lands despoiled, and his children dead. Roger led his remaining forces into hiding, regrouping with his family, but was broken after the losses of his sons. His efforts had been for nothing, and Heathmoor was under the rule of a madwoman, and nothing could console him. He wandered into the wilderness, alone in his thoughts.

The Red Griffon

When he returned, Roger Griffon was changed, reinvigorated, and with a new fiery look in his eyes. He claimed to have seen a vision, encouraging him to fight on, and spurred on by faith, Roger regrouped his forces and prepared. He joined the growing rebellion against Astrea, and personally retook Edinshire and his lands back. Roger would then go on to form the Holy Legion, comprised of many of his close allies and friends, a group of knights who swore to fight for God above and God alone, serving as His swords on Earth. Roger Griffon.

In the years since then, Roger has continued his work, energetic and zealous as ever. The Holy Legion, while not large, is strong, and includes converted members from all of Heathmoor. Roger himself concerns himself mostly with the land of Blackrake and the people of Ashfeld, as well as encouraging progress in culture, art, and religion, trying to spread Christianity across all of the land. While he still fights with the Chimera Alliance against Astrea and the Order of Horkos, he seeks only the welfare of his people and the return to the Christian faith.

Personality & Traits[]


The crest of Sir Roger Griffon, depicting the Red Griffon.

Roger is considered very pious and religious, and often the pinnacle of knightly chivalry and character. His faith in Christianity is well documented, and Roger has notably attempted to bring about conversations in even the "pagan peoples" and following his miraculous experience, he has become even more devoted to the faith. Just and noble, Roger possess a keen eye for detail and surprisingly enjoys poetry, having composed his own short works himself.

Roger ultimately desires peace and prosperity for his people, and cares for them as only a Warden can. It is his divine duty to protect and
them all, and he is willing to sacrifice his life to do so. Roger is also a devoting husband to his wife Isabella, and father to his children, trying to raise them up into holy and righteous figures.

Physical Traits[]

Roger is a tall and imposing figure, standing above all others, and possessing powerful muscles from a lifetime of conflict. He is known to have rugged features and a long scar alongside his left face, received from sword fight. Besides that, he possess deep green eyes and short black hair, as well as a large nose and a tight face. Roger also has a black beard regularly trimmed.

Family & Friends[]

Familial Relations[]

Roger is married to Isabella Griffon nee Winenyer, his loving wife. The relationship between the two is famously tight and strong. Isabella herself is known for her quiet wit and wisdom, and has served as Roger's guide, companion, and constant support as well.

Roger also has several children. His firstborn, Michael (22) serves under his father, along with Sarah (20), Ruth (18), Geoffrey (15), and Maria (7). His younger sons, William and Henry, were both killed by the forces of Astrea when Edinshire fell, causing immense grief and turmoil to Roger. He is known to be a stricter father, taking great pains to train and teach his children, and truly cares for them all very deeply.