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Herv is the warlord of his castle, named simply "Fort Herv".Herv has lead multiple attacks and skirmishes, including the hunt for bleh.By the seven year war, Herv had been promoted to Captain in the Iron Legions and Emperor to the Kingdom of Herv.

Early Life[]

Herv was born in 180 ADD in the forests of Red Oak just outside Harrowgate. He was raised by his mother and father in a small village.Herv's father, Herv had been appointed town mayor for his elegant name. By the time Herv was fourteen he had already lead his own scouting party and hunted three moose.Ever since Herv was a young one he wanted to become emperor of his fathers kingdom.But when Herv turned sixteen, everything changed.

The Incident[]

When Herv was 16 there was a viking attack on his village. Herv had held off viking attacks before, but this one was bigger then he had ever imagined. The town guard consisted of twenty people. But this viking attack had at least sixty vikings attack.The town guard was slaughtered as Herv's village turned into chaos. Amidst the chaos Herv noticed something. The leader of the vikings, a raider had his father on the ground. Just as the raider was about to kill Hervs father Herv hit the raider in the forehead with the end of his pole axe. The raider stumbled away spouting gibberish. The raider, obviously mentally damaged waddled back to his boat and left Herv to fight the remaining vikings. All alone, Herv managed to kill the last of the vikings and reunite with his father. On his fathers dying breath he whispered to Herv to take his armour and continue his legacy.

Present Day[]

Line of Herv's troops

After the viking attack Herv rebuilt the village into a castle. The kingdom of Herv now spreads across five hundred acres of land and has an army of three thousand men. Ever since the attack Herv has tried to find the viking that killed his father.