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The Hawkblade Legion was a moderate-sized knight legion of post-Catastrophe Europe, part of the much larger Iron Legion. It is located in northwestern Ashfeld, bordered to the north by the Viking clans of Valkenheim. The knightly orders of seven kingdoms make up the Hawkblades: Stroudfell, Henwick, Argyll, Grünstad, Oberstad, Skoczów, and Norfordshire. Each kingdom's forces are represented by the leading knight of its respective order as part of the legion's roundtable.



Largest of the seven kingdoms, the representative knight from Stroudfell has historically been the leader of the Hawkblade roundtable for most of the legion's history.

Stroudfell is represented by Sir Gilles de Léonois, a Warden.


Smallest but also likely the most prosperous of the kingdoms, in recent years Henwick has been heavily involved in trade with the Igarashi Sect of the Dawn Empire.

Henwick is represented by Sir Albert Rickford, a Lawbringer.


Made up of the descendants of Catastrophe survivors hailing from the Kingdom of Scotland, the people of Argyle are incredibly proud of their heritage.

Argyle is represented by Sir Colin Campbell, a Warden.


So named for the lush forests which surround it, the peoples of Grünstad are of a primarily Germanic descent.

Grünstad is represented by Sir Andric Sifridus, a Warden.


Second largest of the kingdoms, Oberstad is yet another kingdom whose people are of primarily Germanic blood.

Oberstad is represented by Sir Wolfgang Amsel, a Lawbringer.


Descended from the Slavic peoples of the Kingdom of Poland, the people of Skoczów are primarily farmers, merchants, and traders.

Skoczów is represented by Sir Piotr Dobrosielski, a Conqueror.