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{{Writer|Idaeus III}}
{{Writer|Idaeus III}}
{{Knight Character Infobox
{{Knight Character Infobox
|image=[[File:FH Gilles de Leonois.png|300px]]
|title=Sir Gilles the Faithful of Lyon
|title=Sir Gilles the Faithful of Lyon

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This article, Gilles de Léonois, was written by Idaeus III. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
FH Gilles de Leonois.png
Sir Gilles the Faithful of Lyon
Biographical Information

Hawkblade Legion





Date of birth

October 23, 2095

Physical Description



1.8379 meters

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Miscellaneous Information
Weapons & Equipment
  • Longsword
  • Aketon
  • Maille Haubergeon
  • Gambeson/Brigandine
  • Blackened Steel Plate
Current Status

Alive as of 2136

  • Iron Legion
  • Warden Order

Sir Gilles de Léonois is the vassal of Lyon and leading representative of Stroudfell in the well-established Hawkblade Legion. A man of unwavering fealty, Gilles is considered to be the King of Stroudfell's most trusted knight due in part to the long history of his house's continued lineage. His position among the king's court has attributed to his rank as leader of the Hawkblade Roundtable as well as his unofficial designation as Gilles the Faithful within the realm of Stroudfell.

As a member of the long-standing Warden Order, Gilles retains a mastery of the Longsword. His skill in defensive techniques is considered to be particularly noteworthy; Gilles' formidable stances have, in conjunction with his highly respected and feared coat of arms, afforded him the moniker of The Black Rook by many a friend and foe.


Personality & Traits